m-25 Series

M-25DCC Charcoal Canister

The M-25D series allow for maximum flexibility for your filter configuration needs. These pass-through style units include a large filter access door which then makes a variety of filter combinations possible, and makes filter maintenance/changes very simple.

The M-25D Charcoal Canister unit features a four inch pleated, Merv 8, industrial pre-filter which catches the larger particles, extending the life of the second stage, Merv 15, multi-pocket bag filter. The final stage of filtration are (2) canisters each filled with 18 lbs of granular, activated charcoal. Our disposable filters are easy to service and provide for simple, low-cost maintenance.


Dimensions 24”W x 26”T x 67”L
Weight 230 lbs
Volume (CFM) 1875 CFM
Pre-Filter (1) 24”x24”x4” Pleated
Primary Filter (1) 95%, 15” 12 Pocket Bag (60 sq ft) with 36 lb Charcoal Canister Module
Motor 3/4 HP PSC; 115/1/60; 10.2 amps
Blower 10 x 10 Direct Drive, 2 Speed
Paint 16 Gauge; River Blue chemical resistant powder coating
Noise Level 62 dBA
Application Extra Odor Control