filter walls Series


The M-40FWV5 features (10) four inch aluminum mesh pre-filters that shield the inner filters and bags from sparks and hot metal grindings to prevent sources of ignition from reaching the (10) four inch pleated, Merv 8, industrial pre-filters.  These pleated filters catch the larger particles, extending the life of the (10) final stage, Merv 11 or optional Merv 15, multi-pocket bag filters. Our disposable filters are easy to service and provide for simple, low-cost maintenance.


Dimensions 30”W x 126”T x 126”L
Weight 2080 lbs
Volume (CFM) 4000 CFM
Pre-Filter (10) 24”x24”x4” Aluminum Mesh
Primary Filter (10) 24”x24”x4” Pleated followed by (10) 65%, 26” 8 Pocket Bags (690 sq ft)
Motor 2HP TEFC; 208-230/460/3/60; 6.0-5.8/2.9 amps
Blower 11 x 8 Belt Drive, Single Speed
Paint 16 Gauge; River Blue chemical resistant powder coating
Noise Level 72 dBA
Application General