M-11 Series

The Air King M-11 series units

The Air King M-11 series units are designed for use in smaller spaces such as personal work shops, offices, smoking rooms, bowling centers, taverns, or any area where dust, smoke or odor is a problem. The pass-through style configuration of these units has a single inlet on one end and exhausts the filtered air from the opposite end of the unit.

The M-11 series features a one-inch washable foam, Merv 8, industrial pre-filter which catches the larger particles, extending the life of the second stage, Merv 15, multi-pocket bag filter. Our disposable filters are easy to service and provide for simple, low-cost maintenance.

Products In This Series


  • Pressure Gauge/Filter Change Indicator
  • Eyebolts
  • Silencer w/4way louver (reduces sound by 6-8 decibels)
  • “L” Mounting Brackets (set of 2)
  • Chain, Q-Links. & Eyebolts Kit
  • Disposable, Pleated Pre-Filter


  • Disposable filters provide a cleaner, healthier environment
  • Self-contained units have the versatility to be used most anywhere
  • Easy installation & maintenance make them cost efective
  • Four way louvers give you airflow pattern control
  • Durable 16 gauge powder coated construction
  • Optional filter change indicator identifies filer change needs
  • Multiple fiber configurations available to fit your specific needs
  • Easily relocated to accommodate growth or space redesign


  • Woodworking dust
  • Grinding dust
  • Bondo dust
  • Clay reclamation/silica dust
  • Cigar/cigarette smoke
  • Other Smoke/dust contaminents

Installation Methods

  • Hung with chains
  • Mounted with all-thread rods
  • Installed using wall brackets

Air King industrial air cleaners are a valuable tool for capturing most airborne nuisance particulate. Our self-contained filtration units continuously pull contaminated air through multiple stage of highly efficient micro-glass filters. The filtered air is then re-circulated back into the working environment without the need for duct work. This results in a cleaner, healthier atmosphere for employees, while saving you money by keeping heated or air-conditioned air inside your facility.

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