Filter Walls Series

The Air King Filter Walls series

The Air King Filter Wall  series units are designed to be a high quality yet cost effective solution to your “side and back-draft” air filtration needs where overhead particulate collection is impractical.  These units are ideal for use near welders, machining work cells, plasma/laser or other cutting tables, or for any space where there are high concentrations of airborne nuisance particulate that you wish to reduce their release to your overall shop environment.

With all-steel construction for safety and durability, the Filter Wall series is available in a number of sizes ranging from 48″ x 126″, up to 149″ x 126″.  Power options include both single and 3-phase motors with single or double blower configurations.  The filter wall comes with a forklift slip base to allow for easy placement and future mobility as you needs change.

Our Filter Wall units provide the following multi-stage filtration to provide the performance you require:

Stage 1 – is a 4” nominal aluminum mesh pre-filter used to shield the inner filters and bags from sparks and hot metal grindings to prevent sources of ignition.  These filters are washable and can be reused.

Stage 2 – is a 4” pleated, Merv 8, industrial pre-filter used to economically capture larger particles in the air while keeping the cost of the filter to a minimum.

Stage 3 – is a multi-pocket, Merv 11 bag filter which handles the largest share of the particulate filtration process.

All filters are disposable and easy to access within the unit, allowing for quick and simple maintenance.