Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different types of welding processes—each that come with their own related risks. Below are the health effects of breathing welding fumes published by OSHA, along with an OSHA fact sheet for download.

  • Acute exposure to welding fume and gases can result in eye, nose and throat irritation, dizziness and nausea. Workers in the area who experience these symptoms should leave the area immediately, seek fresh air and obtain medical attention.
  • Prolonged exposure to welding fume may cause lung damage and various types of cancer, including lung, larynx and urinary tracts.
  • Health effects from certain fumes may include metal fume, fever, stomach ulcers, kidney damage and nervous system damage. Prolonged exposure to manganese fume can cause Parkinson’s-like symptoms.
  • Gasses such as helium, argon and carbon dioxide displace oxygen in the air and can lead to suffocation, particularly when welding in confined or enclosed spaces. Carbon monoxide gas can form, posing a serious asphyxiation hazard.

There are current OSHA regulations to ventilation and protection in welding, cutting and heating. Below are some of the most common links referenced in these areas.
OSHA Welding, Cutting and Heating Guidelines
OSHA Machine Shop Guidelines

The United States Department of Labor has many rules and regulations that help create and promote healthy and safe workplaces. The regulations that apply to air filtration are dependent upon the industry and the business processes. We’ve include a link below to the full Table of Contents to OSHA Laws and Regulations page, so you can search for regulations that may affect your business. Take me to the OSHA Regulations Page

A properly designed air filtration system will collect and contain the materials, keep the air quality safe for your employees to breathe, and protect your HVAC system from plugging filters and building up materials in the ducting or dirtying the coils and burners. Air filtration systems will save you energy, protect your company’s assets and keep your workspace clean and safe.

Industrial air filtration systems collect and remove process contaminants from the air via various stages of air filters within the unit that are specific to the application. Common applications include welding smoke and fumes, laser and plasma dust, grinding dust and grit, wood dust, composite dusts, cannabis dust and odors, additive manufacturing particles and vapors, and other materials produced in the manufacturing process.

There are many types of industrial air filtration systems, including packaged air cleaners, cyclones, dust collectors, wet collectors, regenerative thermal oxidizers, electronic precipitators and various other technologies. Each technology can be matched to handle nuisance particulates (dust) and fumes, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), hazardous air pollutants (HAP’s) and other items produced in manufacturing and finishing processes. Contact Air King, or your local distributor, to find out what system is best for your needs..

An industrial air filtration system is used to clean up the air quality throughout a plant or in specific areas where the process creates particulates, fumes or vapors.

Air filtration is important in manufacturing or production plants because it protects your employees, plant assets and keeps indoor air safe and clean. Clean air is a huge benefit for your business because it helps extend the life of electronic equipment, parts that create movement or friction, and secures the health and morale of your employees.

A good air filtration system also decreases reliance on the HVAC systems—saving your company energy dollars in heating and cooling seasons. The benefits of a good air filtration system are countless. From ensuring your customers see a clean, quality shop to providing your employees safe and healthy air to breath, to extended equipment life and overall business operations savings.

It is important to note every plant process is unique and consulting with an expert on the best solution for your business before you buy, is always a wise decision.