M-32V 1 Deep, 2 High

The M-32 series units are the 3/4 HP, single-phase, multi-cabinet option of our M-30 series. Offering increased filter surface area which decreases the frequency of filter changes required, these units in turn reduce your ongoing maintenance costs.  These units can be configured in a number of ways, both vertically and horizontally, to best suit your specific needs.

The M-32V features (4) four inch pleated, Merv 8, industrial pre-filters which catch the larger particles, extending the life of the (4) second stage, Merv 11 or optional Merv 15, multi-pocket bag filters. Our disposable filters are easy to service and provide for simple, low-cost maintenance.

Specifications M-32V
Dimensions 24''W x 48''T x 72''L
Weight 285 lbs
Volume (CFM) 3200 CFM
Pre-Filter (4) 24''x24''x4'' Pleated
Primary Filter (4) 65%, 21'' 8 Pocket Bags (236 sq ft)
Motor 3/4 HP PSC; 115/1/60; 10.2 amps
Blower 10 x 10 Direct Drive, 2 Speed
Paint 16 Gauge; River Blue chemical resistant powder coating
Noise Level 62 dBA
Application General