Ultraviolet Series

The Air King Ultraviolet series

Air King’s Ultraviolet series of ambient air cleaners are designed for use in facilities such as firehouses, vehicle maintenance, production and others, to reduce/eliminate airborne contaminants that can cause debilitating diseases like emphysema and cancer. The multi-stage filtration process removes or neutralizes particulates and airborne gases, viruses, bacteria, solvents, mold spores and more. Clean, purified air is then evenly dispersed back into the facility.

Stage 1 – is a 4” pleated, Merv 8, industrial pre-filter used to economically capture larger particles in the air while keeping the cost of the filter to a minimum.

Stage 2 – is a multi-pocket, Merv 15 bag filter which handles the largest share of the particulate filtration process.

Stage 3 – is a 2″ thick activated granular charcoal filter which starts the process of adsorption of gaseous air contaminants by bonding to the magnificent molecular structure of the carbon surface. Adsorption is the best method for reducing VOC’s and odors in the air.

Stage 4 – is a 14″ AHPCO Module. This stage incorporates the latest in ultraviolet (UV) light radiation and Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) to destroy molds, bacteria, and toxic organic compounds. Simply adding a UV lamp to a filter system will not achieve the same results. PCO is required to clean the air. This stage completes the entire process of cleaning your air of particles, gases, and toxic compounds suspended in the air you breathe.

All filters are disposable and easy to access within the unit, allowing for quick and simple maintenance.

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